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Leadership Development & Management Training

Professional Leadership Development Programs, Management Training & Coaching to Transform YOU into a FIERCE Leader

Home Building Company Leadership being a leader supposed to feel like this?

Have you ever thought about what could be possible for you?

Maybe you have…but some things are getting in the way:

You don’t know how to achieve a real balance of work and family without guilt.
You want to be seen, heard & valued as a leader, but wonder how you can confidently share your ideas with your peers, bosses, and others.
Your ever-growing workload is affecting your life (& you know it)…but you have no idea how to actually make the time to take care of yourself first.
And vacations? That feels like a dream at this point, because…how would you get away for any length of time without your laptop (& maybe your whole office) in tow?
Is this what being a leader really feels like?!
Deep within, you know this is not what true leadership is all about – you’re just not sure what to do about it.
Let Strive help you transform your entire leadership experience.

Leadership Development & Coaching: What Can it do for you?

Actually, it’s not all about you. But you already knew that. The decision to invest in Leadership Development has a far-reaching impact…

YOU: Gain the clarity you need to achieve your goals
THE COMPANY: Through your leadership, organizational goals that have been stuck on paper for too long finally become a reality.
YOU: Learn to identify your blind spots to navigate obstacles to success.
THE COMPANY: Discover and develop potential talent with greater ease – often right within the organization – that might have gone overlooked.  
YOU: Get more confidence to be seen & heard
THE COMPANY: Others are inspired to bring their real selves into the workplace too, where they feel valued and welcome (and we all know the benefits of that!).

Amp up your leadership game with the proven strategies in our Strive Leadership Development program.

Did you know? For every $1 invested in executive coaching, companies surveyed received an average return of $7.90. (MetrixGlobal LLC)

Executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI) based on factors including increases in productivity and employee retention.

What Are the Benefits of Leadership Coaching?

The Disconnect Between Senior Leadership & Management

Senior leaders set the strategy, and managers are the ones who make it happen—or at least, they’re supposed to.

So, what’s behind the disconnect?

Dramatically increased workloads

The average middle manager has 50% more direct reports than 10 years ago - and spends about 15% less time with each of them.

Juggling needs of superiors & subordinates

The struggle to meet the needs of others is very real – at the same time, their own needs are too often ignored, their efforts underappreciated.

Stuck in an endless cycle

Pulled from above and below, their work is often monotonous, the salary inequitable, and promotion opportunities limited.

The Leadership Takeaway: Managers seldom enjoy the glory that senior leaders do (and are often easy targets for blame). Yet, they play a key role in implementing an organization’s strategy and generating the enthusiasm crucial among team members to see it through.

The Coaching Impact

Executive coaching has proven, lasting benefits. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) found a:

1 %
70% boost to individual performance
1 %
50% advancement in team performance
1 %
48% improvement in organizational performance

Management Development and Training Starts Here!

We Offer Customizable Leadership Development & Coaching for Leaders in the Home Building Industry.
Leadership Training Programs in a Flexible Range of Options…

Management Membership Program

A monthly membership program, with access to our entire training library, live events, and new topics added quarterly. Click here to learn more.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Private, one-on-one professional coaching for leaders in the housing industry. This program is full for 2022! Click here to join the 2023 waitlist.

Get the facts.
Consider your options.
Make a wise decision.

Strive’s Leadership Training Programs Help Train Managers into FIERCE Leaders

A Personal Message from Michelle...

Right now, you may feel buried. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Or maybe all of the above.

I get it. Because I’ve been there myself.

I’m guessing that as a leader, you really do love your job. It’s because of that very dedication and loyalty that you’re challenged with achieving some type of balance for all that’s on your plate.

But when you have little or no access to leadership training and development – much less being able to effectively identify your blind spots – you will have minimal chance of success at achieving your leadership goals or impacting those you lead.

What I want you to know is simple: you ARE capable of doing more, getting that promotion, training other people. I can help you achieve things that you truly cannot see as possible right now.

But you have to take the first step…

Client Results

"Our time working together has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. You’ve helped me to become more in tune with myself and the things that serve me to live my purpose. For that I am incredibly grateful."
"As a coach and mentor, Michelle will forever have a positive impact on my approach to leadership. Her thoughtful, focused, and insightful perspective to leadership comes from a long career of building and leading successful teams."
Danielle Mahon
Founder & CEO, Topsail Steamer
Accountability Strategy. Performance Management. A No-Nonsense Partner in Leadership Development.

Isn't it Time You Transformed into a FIERCE Leader? We say, YES!

Stop the burnout (& health issues) that are throttling your performance by implementing smart prevention strategies.

Achieve greater levels of confidence and joy by taking control of your life – and how you choose to show up in the world.

Gain the tools you need to make informed leadership decisions grounded in your unique set of values.

Improve workplace relationships to cultivate high-performing teams that get impressive results.

Promote your company’s high standards and lead the achievement of short- and long-term strategic goals.

Bring your best self to work every single day to make a far greater impact in your leadership role.

From starter to division managers in the homebuilding industry, we have a leadership development training option for you!

After all, that’s our job!

With our unparalleled experience and longstanding reputation in the home building industry, no one is better equipped to provide you with the proven strategies, professional know-how, and educational tools to help you become a more impactful leader that others look up to with confidence.

Our proprietary leadership training & development programs are the first choice among leaders in the housing industry who want to stand out from the crowd.

The result? You get to dust off that leadership vision you’ve had for ages & make it a living reality. No more excuses.

Management Training and Leadership development services with Michelle Simms