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Leadership Development Program

12-Month Leadership Building Certificate

The ONLY Leadership Certification Program that is designed for the Housing and Homebuilding Industry!

Access our entire training library, private coaching, live monthly training events, and interactive peer groups.

94% of employees would stay at a company longer if the company invested in their career.

And employees who think their organization provides opportunities for learning and growth are 2.9 times more likely to be engaged than workers without such opportunities.

Not sure how to identify and provide the training your team craves and deserves?

Not sure how to find the time and resources to get your people up to speed?

What if you don't have to...

What would it feel like to have your bench strength built and ready for the growth and change that lie ahead?

What if training your team wasn't all on you?

Change Starts Here...

Download our corporate onboarding packet to identify exactly WHO should join this Leadership Building Certificate Program, and exactly HOW to get started!

This Package includes:

  • How to identify ideal candidates for leadership certification
  • Details on our certificate program value and expectations
  • Email Templates for leadership candidate offers
  • Meeting and qualification questions for potential candidates
  • Our Leadership program tips for success
  • A detailed Onboarding Checklist

Decisions, decisions

Not sure if this is right for you & your team? Let's chat!

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Change Starts Here...


Strive Leadership Member
$ 299 per Month
  • A Personal Coaching Call every month
  • Access to the Strive Training Library
  • Brand new Workshops every month
  • Ask the Coach Q&A 24/7
  • Bonus tips & support
Start Today!

Leadership Development: The Strive Difference

Our Certification Program will support your team with ongoing management training and leadership coaching to create strong, focused, high functioning organizations and individuals.

Specifically designed by a seasoned expert in the homebuilding industry, Members get insider expertise – available nowhere else – to achieve that next level of success, find balance and fresh focus, increase satisfaction in life & work, and create a more fulfilling future.

Let us guide your team on a path to achievement and success. A year from now, you won’t even recognize them!

Isn't it time your company achieved results?

I bet you have:

  • read books and listened to podcasts
  • researched facts, data, and statistics
  • asked the advice of your friends & colleagues

I get it. Because I’ve been there myself. These aren’t bad approaches, but they are all

Times are changing. Your company is dealing with more responsibility and more work – but with fewer and less qualified people on your teams.

More than ever before, you know how crucial it is to take real action so you can meet your goals & achieve a positive ROI.

In fact… 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. (ICF)

That’s where our leadership program comes in: we help you build stronger, more developed teams so you can achieve success, even in today’s ever-evolving, highly competitive market.

Proven Leadership Development Solutions

We offer a variety of customized business coaching and manager training topics, all tailored to your company's unique needs.

Here are some of our most popular training topics (all included in our program):

Company Culture

Transform your team into the most loyal, motivated crew in your industry.

Relationship Building

The foundation of success begins with creating relationships, and this twist on the selling process is perfect for the non-salesperson’s success.

Goal Setting

Dig deeper to discover how to align your company's values with it's highest visions & goals.

Time Management

Learn how to make the best use of your most valuable resource – time!

You love what you do. And you've accomplished a lot. Now it's time to advance your team even more and reach the next level together.

Leadership Development Tailored to Your Team's Needs.

Just for leaders, they will get the tools to:

Simplify their relationship building approach with effective building tools that will set the tone for overall Leadership and Business methods for years to come.

Gain back hours in their week, allowing for more than enough time for this coursework AND more of what they (and you) want to accomplish.

Confidently attract, select, hire, and onboard new team members. With better interview questions, steps for hiring and candidate selection, and the process to ensure proper cultural onboarding of talent into their team. 

Envision a new perspective on what confidence really means and all the components that go into building it. They will learn how to communicate confidently in all situations, and how to support others as well.

Learn the Costs and Value of Company Culture; get clear on how to assess their own Leadership Attributes; discover the Core Motivators of their employees and begin to Assess your Team/Company on the Workplace Culture criteria.

Go from being a goal STARTER to being a goal FINISHER. Create the plan, identify the milestones, and map out the commitments… then just DO THEM! This course provides their roadmap.

Strive Coaching is your company's accountability partner and business mentor.

What to Expect

What your Team’s ROI looks like, in real-time: 

Improved Production Times

Better Time Management Techniques & More Empowered Decision-Making fosters efficient output and production results

Higher Quality Satisfaction Scores

A more confident and organized team creates a platform for better customer satisfaction

Higher Quality Talent

Hiring correctly from the start can help attract top employees who will grow into useful leaders

More Valuable Contributions

A more empowered, strategic, and resourceful team results in improved collaboration for planning and implementation

More Time

With improved focus and higher performance, employees will take more ownership and feel more in control of their minds AND schedules

Fewer Bottlenecks

With improved communications there is less interruption to the flow of work and fewer delays across the production process

Higher Functioning Individuals

Alignment and commitment to shared values and vision, working towards a common goal

Your Best Company Culture

Maximize the great culture you already have in place to create more connections with your team to improve the overall company culture, hiring opportunities, and retention of the best talent

Cultivate Harmony in Your Team Dynamics

Create relatability and reliability with your Team through order, efficiency, and quality

A new, comprehensive approach just for leaders in the home-building & housing industry -
developed by a seasoned expert with over 20 years' experience.

Our Training Methods

Private Coaching

Each month, participants receive private one-on-one coaching to address their individual needs and create custom solutions.

Online Plaform

Program participants will receive access to our online dashboard for easy access to all materials and support.

Video Training Sessions

Each month, business mentor and coach, Michelle Simms-Reiter, will provide you with valuable, easy to consume, recorded training materials. 

Ongoing Support

Throughout the program, participants will receive worksheets, assessments, tips, and reminders to keep you on track for results.


Throughout the process, participants will be expected to complete assessments and collect feedback in order to track progress and measure results.


Our Online platform allows for peer to peer community within multiple forums designed to help increase feedback and build relationships.

Leadership Development Program Details

See what’s included in the Strive Coaching Leadership Building Certificate

Strive Leadership Building Certificate

An exclusive, unique certification program tailored for Building Industry Leaders who want to achieve real results and reach new levels of success (without sacrificing themselves).

Only $299 per month

1:1 Coaching

Personal Coaching Calls: 1 coaching session each month on YOUR TEAM MEMBER'S schedule and needs - book us when they need us!

User-Friendly Program Dashboard

Access to our super easy to use Step-by-Step Strive Focus Curriculum Dashboard to create a Path toward new Results - on their schedule!

Interactive Monthly Workshops

Live and Recorded Group Coaching Calls and Workshops, offered by Michelle Simms-Reiter, Certified Business Coach and other Certified Guest Coaches specializing on topics throughout the month and year.

Always Fresh, New Content

New Training Topics by Michelle Simms-Reiter where she outlines exactly how she created tremendous success in her business through leadership, culture and relationship cultivation.

Ask the Coach

Ask the Coach Q&A available 24/7 on specific topics.


Each participant will have access to the entire Strive Leadership community, as well as a peer group community where they will engage with other building industry leaders.

Bonus Benefits

Bonus tips, techniques, offers, and support to continuously help your team deal with the obstacles that come up, for permanent change and growth.

Real Results

Build a framework for creating your company's ideal structure for your team's organization and life.

Leadership Certification

After 12-months of support, participants will be eligible to receive the ONLY Leadership Certificate that is designed for the Housing and Homebuilding Industry!

Meet Michelle Simms-Reiter

10 years. $85 million. In a decade, I built a company from nothing to a successful, $85 million enterprise that was eventually acquired by the largest publicly traded company in the industry.

Over the course of my career, I’ve earned many awards – the 40 under 40 Leadership Award, The Women in Business Award, and multiple other Association Leadership Awards.

It’s this real-world experience that I infuse into my unique coaching style.

Now, I’m honored to help you – I can guide you to achieve a sustainable business that not only gets the job done, but exceeds your expectations.

I teach business owners and leaders how to create and maintain a business that their employees love to work for – in a simple way that proves immediate ROI far better than any marketing expense line can ever match.

My program maximizes a tremendous amount of content into a simple, straightforward approach, while also respecting your team’s time and schedule.

Ready to get started? Register now or schedule a meeting to discuss more.

You may be thinking:

  • We don’t have the resources to invest in our team. 
  • We don’t have the time to accomplish these training goals… maybe someday.
  • I’m just too overwhelmed to focus on anyone else’s productivity right now.

You just need the RIGHT support. That’s where we come in!


What Others Say:

Michelle gave me hope in my life as a woman. Thanks for all you have done and will do in the future, because I know you will never be far away.
"If there is one thing I have learned from Michelle over the years, it's how to adapt to change. Embrace the good, the bad and the ugly of it and make the best of it! And you will always come out on the other side, stronger!"

Program Details

What Your Team Gets as a Strive Leader Member:

✔ Leadership Training Content

Our program includes exclusive educational focus programs that directly allow them all of the skills and tools they need to implement and impact change in your organization immediately. Each Focus topic will include a step-by-step working focus with video instruction that allows it to be both simple AND personalized to best serve YOUR TEAM and YOUR specific organization’s needs.

Topics include: creating a success culture, hiring mastery, time management, goal setting and achievement, communication strategies, conflict management, team building, decision making, overcoming fear and self-doubt, work-life balance, improving relationships, and sales success.

These trainings are available to your team at their convenience to be mindful of their busy schedules.

✔ Individual Support

Private Strategy meetings, where they’ll work together to establish their particular business goals and outline a strategy towards getting there that includes evaluating all of the obstacles and challenges that will get in the way. These are in depth and specific to what they need.

Direct accessibility to an expert coach throughout the program via email and phone for unexpected issues, problem solving, guidance and support as it arises.

✔ Flexible Options

This is a program for Leaders where there will always be value they can gain. The company needs and the roles of individuals, not to mention the skill sets they need to develop are constantly changing and this program will always have so much to offer anyone at any point in time, for as long as they are in their careers. As long as people are getting up to go to work each day, this certification will be valuable.

✔ Real-Life Results

Strive Coaching Studio offers the Who, What, Why, How and When that works for YOUR TEAM for RESULTS that last. If you are looking for a quick fix class that is just a forgotten waste of money 3 months from now, this is NOT the program for your company. If you are an Executive whose Team Members want permanent, lasting results that they are proud to create…there is no better place for your company than right here.

This is an investment of your company’s time, energy, and money, even though it is efficient and incredibly beneficial. When you see the results, the financial returns will readily be accounted for and balance the expenditure. Your team’s strategies will be invaluable, as they will attain their full potential. There is no better way to invest in your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your common questions...

New topics are released each quarter, and new classes and workshops are released throughout the month within each topic. You will immediately find Michelle Simms-Reiter’s video courses, focus guide curriculums and additional learning resources on relevant topics such as: Culture, Leadership, Hiring, Relationship and Sales skills that created amazing success for Michelle in the growth and sale of her own multimillion dollar company.

Each topic is designed as a 90 day/quarterly topic, and new topics are being added continually. While you can join for as many or as few months as you desire since we have no minimum requirement, our research shows that 1 year of commitment brings the most significant impact. In other words, you will be in a very different place 1 year from now.

The ROI is considerable and you will continue to grow, evolve and change using the knowledge you gain as a Strive member. Whether you choose to stay for 90 days or for several years, the value will continue to allow you to accomplish your Leadership & Life goals.

We do not offer the option to try out our Strive Leadership Membership ahead of time before you enroll, but you may cancel at any time. No strings attached. No cancellation fees. No nonsense. 

Live Workshop calls are presented in webinar format via Zoom and have the capability for the host presenter to answer Q&A in the chat as well as, at their choosing, bring a Member live for Q&A throughout the workshop.

Live Coaching Calls are also hosted by the Coach via Zoom who will teach a lesson and then opens up for hand raising to anyone who would like Live Coaching.

Both options allow you to remain anonymous and confidential if you do not wish to participate. We strongly encourage attendance in these formats, even if just as an observer, as you will gain so much from others’ experiences and have the ability to apply coaching to your own life and situation as a result.

All live coaching topic calls and live workshop calls are recorded and posted to the Dashboard for convenient viewing on your schedule at any time as a Member.

Your Team Members are natural born leaders.

Even if your team feels buried right now, they ARE capable of accomplishing more, of scoring that promotion, of leading with a lasting impact.  Strive can help them achieve things that seem impossible.

Leverage Michelle’s extensive expertise in the homebuilding industry to level-up your team and achieve your organizational vision.