:: to devote serious effort or energy in order to achieve a goal.

Strive to become the best version of YOU.

Strive Coaching Studio guides business owners and leaders to create strong, focused, high functioning organizations and teams. Our recipe for your success is our Passion, Tools, Strategy and Support.

Strive Coaching Studio

We empower entrepreneurs & business professionals to create the companies, the culture and the future design they wish to achieve. Within the supportive environment of Strive Coaching Studio, it’s all about YOU. Together, we’ll begin a simple program that takes you from Striving all the way to THRIVING!

You’ll learn, explore deep within to make your best decisions, and challenge yourself to ascend to the next level – all confidence and support. Our role is to be by your side to help you strive toward seeing yourself for all that you are.

Because the truth is, you already have all that you need to thrive – We’re just helping you identify it, showing you how to grasp it … and ultimately, how to use it to get it done!

Are you ready to STRIVE to new heights of success & fulfillment in your business?

It may not always be easy – but we know you’re up for the challenge. And it is going to be SO worth it!

This is an exclusive and unique program, unmatched by any consulting company, training company or business coach anywhere else. Michelle limits the number of clients she accepts in order to properly serve her client base with the highest quality service. 

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Meet The Founder

Hi! I'm Michelle.

How does a young female working in corporate America decide to start a home building company in a predominantly male dominated industry? Well, since you asked…

It was 2008. In the middle of a recession. I had enough of feeling like just another cog in the corporate machine. So I decided that working long, hard hours would be worth it on one condition: if it was for myself. Thus, my first business was born…when my own son was just a baby himself. 


There were times when I had no idea if I could keep going. After all, I had never owned a business of my own… How was I going to make this work? Maybe if you’re reading this right now, you can relate. 

But I was career-driven, hard working, ambitious and goal-oriented. And I knew with every part of my being that if I didn’t set out on my own, it would be the biggest regret of my entire life.


With zero income in the first year, the recession only made things worse. In spite of it all, I grew my business – at 34 years old – from 2 people and 36 homes closed in its first year, to a company of 50 employees closing 280 homes in 2018. Revenues topped $85 million just ten years later! 

In ten years, I built a company from nothing to an $85 million organization that was acquired by the largest publicly traded company in the industry. 

It’s this real-world experience that I infuse into my unique coaching style – and I can’t wait to support you to achieve your highest goals.